The American Grand Cru Society

Welcome to the American Grand Cru Society
(AGCS) website. The Society is an association of consumers and wine trade experts, who are committed to classifying best in class American vineyards. The challenge is formidable and we invite you to join in our efforts.

Our priority is to provide wine consumers at-large, unbiased recognition of US vineyards and producers. This will include wine vineyards and producers who best represent the place of origin for the wines they represent. 

Membership Development

join The American Grand Cru Society Member Contribution - $25
Benefits: Membership Certificate shipped 1st class USPO, suitable for framing.



join The American Grand Cru Society Premium Member Contribution - $50
Benefits: Member Benefits, plus a private 30 minute wine coaching session by phone.



join The American Grand Cru Society Friends Member Contribution - $150
Benefits: (4) Premium Member Benefit packages



join The American Grand Cru Society Society Member Contribution - $250
Benefits: (8) Premium Member Benefit packages



join The American Grand Cru Society Business Membership Contribution - $500
Benefits: Choice of (18) Premium Member Benefit packages
(10) Premium Member Benefit packages plus, 4 banner ads in quarterly newletters.



join The American Grand Cru Society Benefactors Membership Contribution - $5000
Benefits: (2) Premium Member Packages, Plus a Sommelier Hosted, Private Weekend Wine Tour Experience




Trade Membership is available for companies and organizations dedicated to the wine trade. These may include vineyard owners, wineries, distributors, retailers, on-trade restaurants, full service hotels, and wine promotional organizations that support this mission.

Development Membership is open to candidates from both the General Membership and the Trade Membership. In order to become a Development Member you must demonstrate a willingness to commit time and/or resources to Society Development efforts. A submission of interest in writing, including specific areas of interest and resources available to contribute is required for consideration.

Society Development

Society development is our fund raising and resource effort to support organizational independence, while promoting the Society mission through activities and programs.

Vineyard Grand Cru Recognition

The American Grand Cru Society has the authority to designate "Grand Cru" status to vineyards deemed qualified.  Therefore wines made from that fruit can earn the status of being Grand Cru wine from their state of origin (i.e. California Grand Cru, Oregon Grand Cru, and Virginia Grand Cru). Wines selected to receive this prestigious status are authorized to use the status on wine lables and in marketing activity for no charge. In addition those vineyards become eligible to be submitted for American Grand Cru status consideration. Designation status requires approval by a panel of experts comprised of wine specialists and technical experts governed by The American Grand Cru Society. Contact us to learn more.  


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